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Browser-playable Games

Treasurebot - Gem Collector

Last updated: May 2021
Made for Ludum Dare — April 2021 (Deeper and deeper)
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Collect all the gems in the correct order.

Title screen Game screenshot

Facility Z-13

Last updated: April 2020
Made for Ludum Dare — April 2020 (Keep it Alive)
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Keep the alien alive by repairing damaged buildings.

Game screenshot

Adventures of Pentagon

Last updated: February 2020
Made for Global Game Jam — February 2020 (Repair)
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A simple platformer.

Game screenshot Wormhole screenshot

Trains Mission

Last updated: January 2018
Made for Global Game Jam — January 2018 (Transmission)
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A sandbox train game.


The Pendant World

Last updated: April 2017
Made for Ludum Dare 38 — April 2017 (A Small World)
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An interactive story set in an alien world.

Title screen Screenshot

Fruit Convoy

Last updated: February 2014
Made for Flappy Jam — February 2014
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Avoid as many obstacles as you can to get the highest score.


Super Crosses-and-Noughts

Last updated: July 2013
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A two player game based on Noughts-and-Crosses.


Potato Mania

Last updated: April 2013
Made for Ludum Dare 26 — April 2013 (Minimalism)
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Trade potatoes on the volatile potato market to make as much money as you can.


Psychic Random Number Battle

Last updated: June 2012
Made for Mini LD 35 — June 2012 (Dare)
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A 0-button multiplayer game. Use your psychic powers to control your computer. Requires a bizarre sense of humour ☺.


Downloadable Games

Otheon's Adventure

Last updated: March 2016
Download: Windows

An action-focused RPG where you battle demons.

Screenshot Screenshot


Last updated: April 2012
Made for Ludum Dare 23 — April 2012 (Tiny World)
Download: Windows

An action/adventure game. More information

Screenshot Screenshot

Lonely Trader

Last updated: December 2011
Made for Ludum Dare 22 — December 2011 (Alone)
Download: Windows

A 2D trading game set in space. More information

Screenshot Screenshot

God of Lumber

Last updated: October 2011
Made for 0-hour Game Jam 2011
Download: Windows

A simple two-player strategy game. More information


Robot Tunnel

Last updated: September 2011
Made for Ludum Dare 21 — August 2011 (Escape)
Download: Windows

A side-scrolling bullet-hell shooter.


Island Commander

Last updated: December 2010
Made for Ludum Dare 19 — December 2010 (Discovery)
Download: Windows · Linux

A side-scrolling shooter where you take over islands to get oil. More information

Screenshot Screenshot

Killer Knife-Robots from Knife Planet K

Last updated: August 2010
Made for Ludum Dare 18 — August 2010 (Enemies as Weapons)
Download: Windows · Linux

A game where you attempt to survive against an army of deadly robots. More information

Screenshot Screenshot

Frog Rescue

Last updated: December 2008
Made for Ludum Dare 13 — December 2008 (Roads)
Download: Windows

A strategy game where you must rescue as many frogs as possible. More information

Screenshot Screenshot

Robot Battle: 1995

Last updated: November 2006
Made for 72 Hour GDC — November 2006 (Magnets)
Download: Windows

A simple strategy game. More information


The Darkness Zone

Last updated: August 2005
Made for 72 Hour GDC — August 2005 (Horror)
Download: Windows

A first-person survival game. More information


Dark Eye: The Journey Beyond

Last updated: December 2004
Made for 72 Hour GDC — December 2004 (Customise)
Download: Windows

A maze/adventure game. More information



Miura Warrior for Windows 10

Last updated: September 2021
Download: Windows

The classic Miura Warrior RPG made by Takamoto Miura, modified to work on Windows 10. More information

Game screenshot Battle screenshot


Last updated: September 2011 (Latest version: 0.3.2)
Download: Windows

A text editor for Windows. More information