Frog Rescue


Download — Requires Windows (XP or higher) and DirectX 9


This game was made for Ludum Dare 13 in December 2008 (the theme was Roads). It is a kind-of strategy game (the original idea was to be like Frogger, but with lots of Frogs) where the objective is to ‘rescue’ as many frogs as possible. The frogs all start out in the centre of the map and move towards the edge. When they reach the edge they are ‘rescued’. The map consists of a grid of roads with a bunch of cars driven by careless drivers who will run over any frogs that get in their path. You can't control the frogs directly, but you can set up road-blocks that can be used to direct cars to avoid the frogs.

Overall, the game didn't really work out because you don't have enough control over the cars and so the outcome is essentially random. I am developing a new version of the game with improvements to the gameplay that should hopefully make it more fun.

View the development log.