God of Lumber


Windows — Requires Windows XP or higher.


I somehow managed to make a game in 1 hour for the 0h game jam. The game is a two player strategy game where you harvest lumber and can choose to sacrifice it to the volcano god to earn favour, or trade it for better equipment which increases your harvesting rate (and therefore earn more favour in the future). The red player wins the game by getting the favour to -100% and the blue player wins by getting it to 100% (I tried to make a coloured favour bar that made this more obvious, but couldn't get it to work in time). Unfortunately the game is poorly balanced and so doesn't work quite as well as I had hoped. I'll have a go at making an improved version that should have better balancing at some point. :)




What went right: I planned pretty much the entire game out beforehand and managed to get almost all my ideas done. It was my first time making a game in an hour so I had no idea what I could get done in that amount of time, but I managed to make a pretty good guess.

What went wrong: Not enough time. I didn't get enough time to playtest and balance the game and also didn't implement an AI player.