Ludum Dare 23


Incursion — Final version. For Windows.

Obelisk — My custom library I will be using to develop my game. It is written in D and uses OpenGL for graphics. I've added better font/text support (using FreeType) and a few helper functions since last time.


5.93 hours left

Finished! I added an entire new game mode since the last update (a mode with a top-down view). There is probably time left to polish the game up, but I think I'd rather sleep.

11.2 hours left

Over 3/4 in and my game is taking shape. I've uploaded another demo that has the first part of the story. When it crashes that means you got to the end :). And I finished the title screen:

Title screen

23.5 hours left

Just over half-way into it and I don't have as much as I'd like, but I have uploaded a playable demo (link at top). The game is winnable and losable so I'll definitely have something to submit at the end, but hopefully I can get a lot more done :). I've got tomorrow off work so I'll see how late I can stay up to get this finished (hopefully all night like I did for LD19).

According to IRC we can't use Wolfram Tones for music because their terms of use don't allow it, so there goes that idea! Hopefully I can find something else to generate music.

Title screen (work in progress)

Combat mode

42.9 hours left

Some progress! I have some idea of what I am going to do and I've made some sprites (even with animations!), generated a couple of songs in Wolfram Tones (oh yeah, and I hacked support for the Bass library into Obelisk about an hour before the start of the compo, so I'll actually be able to have music!) and I have a mockup showing what I've done so far. Unfortunately it doesn't really show off my actual idea which involves neither swamp-men slaves nor a red box with a sword :(. It will however feature a Tiny World (which is the theme of LD23).

Zombie slaves

113 hours left

Obelisk (my custom library) returns with the addition of font/text support using FreeType. Also, here is where I will be making my game (the LED display counts down until the end of the contest):

Desk with countdown clock