Killer Knife-Robots from Knife Planet K


Instructions on how to play are in the Readme.txt file.


This game was made for Ludum Dare 18 in August 2010 (the theme was Enemies as Weapons). It is an action/survival game where you have to survive and get as many points as possible before you eventually become overwhelmed by the increasing number of robots.

I made a deliberate design decision for the game to be a bit frustrating to play. For instance, the main character moves slowly and you keep being battered around by robots (especially at the end of the game) leaving you unable to move for a bit, which can be really frustrating when trying to get power-ups. I did this to add atmosphere to the game and show Knife Planet K as a terrifying and evil place.

If I were to work on this game further, I would have it be a series of mini-games all in a similar style where you have to survive against of horde of knife-wielding robots. I would also add a storyline as I feel there are a lot of ideas to explore with an evil planet inhabited entirely by robots with knives ☺

The only thing I'm not really happy with in this game is the graphics, which are a bit plain and missing a lot of detail. The sound is also a bit lame. I think both of these aspects could be improved to give a lot more atmosphere to the game.

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