Jerm's Ludum Dare 18 Page

August 2010

Ludum Dare

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Obelisk Library

For my entry I will be using C++ and a library I made called Obelisk. It is based on the library I used for my last Ludum Dare entry but it now supports Linux as well as Windows. It uses OpenGL for graphics instead of DirectX and adds a bunch of other features such as keyboard and mouse input and sound.

Click here to download Obelisk.


Development Log


T + ~48 hours

Update here

Almost finished

T + ~46 hours

I have now added a highscore, sound effects and EMP bombs that you can launch to disarm the robots. I just have to add power-ups and scoring for using EMP bombs and I'll be finished. I hope there's enough time.

Might actually be getting somewhere

T + ~33 hours

Now I have the knife-bots almost complete (I just need to make it so that they don't walk into each other, if I get the time) and my game seems to be taking shape. I have updated the demo and now the blades and robots will hurt you. When you run out of lives, the game will 'freeze' up. When this happens close the window to exit. I am now thinking I will make a survival game because that will probably be the least effort to implement from the current state :). Evil robots everywhere

Some Progress

T + ~26 hours

I now have a ‘playable’ demo featuring robots with spinning knife blades. Download link is above. Spinning blades of doom

First Post

T + ~23 hours

I finally have Internet access again. I had to get a new ADSL router after my old one stopped working for no apparent reason. As for my game, it is called "Killer Knife-Robots from Knife Planet K" and here is what I have done so far: The main character, some robots and knife blades