Ludum Dare 22


Lonely Trader — Requires Windows XP or higher and OpenGL 2.0 or higher.

Obelisk — My custom library I will be using to develop my game. It is written in D and uses OpenGL for graphics.


T + 48 h

It's over and I didn't manage to finish. I didn't get time to implement combat so there's nothing to do in the game except fly around and trade resources between planets.

Approaching a planet to land

T + 35 h

Pre-bedtime update: The game is slowly taking shape. It's a space trading game, but there's not much to it and I probably won't finish. You can fly the ship and land on planets. I haven't implemented trading yet and I probably won't get time to implement enemies unless I go in the jam.

Trading UI

T + 23 h

Haven't made too much progress so far. I've just been working on the engine and haven't done any gameplay yet. Here's an updated screenshot showing a planet, the player ship sprite (placeholder art) and the minimap (top-right):

Spaceship flying near a planet

T + 7 h

I spent a few hours trying to think of an idea a decided to do a game involving flying a ship around in space. I have a very simple demo with the basic flying controls. I'll flesh out the game tomorrow and hopefully it will turn into something good.

Red square (spaceship) on a starfield

T − 0.5 h

Just had my pre-Ludum Dare (prelude?) lunch:

Leftover red curry and chicken with cashew nuts. Yum.

T − 2 h

I will be entering Ludum Dare 22 using my trusty Obelisk custom library again (new features since last time: supports shaders (requires OpenGL 2.0) and loads PNG files). I have no idea what I'm going to make as I'm waiting until the theme is announced before planning my game.