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Welcome to Team Jerm's Development Log for this 72 Hour GDC. During the course of the competition, I will be posting updates and screenshots of my game.

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Update: T + 68.5h


Game Screenshot

Update: T + 56.75h

I finally have magnets! They're the spherical things in the screenshot below. Now that I have an impressive army of robots, magnets and lasers, I need to implement enemies to fight with them. I hope there's enough time.

Game Screenshot

Update: T + 45h

I've sorta implemented purchasing of robots, although at the moment they are just randomly placed. And I've implemented random placement of trees. There's still lots more to do, but for now I'm going to bed.

Game Screenshot

Update: T + 43.25h

Well, I've started implementing a user interface. Then I just have to do gameplay and AI.

Game Screenshot

Update: T + 38h

I take back what I said about being the Blender master. I keep getting models showing up at the wrong angle when I try to load them in my game, and Blender seems to randomly corrupt models.

But I did manage to get a crappy little robot working, and I've changed the idea for my game a bit. Also, the game is running at full-screen now, and I've shrunk the screenshot down, that's why it looks all anti-aliased.

Game Screenshot

Update: T + 34.25h

I am the Blender master! Fixing the lopsided tree was just a matter of careful placement of the cursor and then clicking Object -> Transform -> Center Cursor. I could probably have tried to combine the two shapes into a single object as well, but I don't know enough about Blender yet. And since it works, I'm not going to change it.

Now it's just a matter of incorporating magnets into my game...

Game Screenshot

Update: T + 32.25h

My program to convert .x files was hopelessly inadequate, so I spent most of last night fixing it. Now I'm having problems with Blender (as in, I don't know how to use it).

Currently the 'game' allows you to fly around and look at the lopsided tree.

At this rate I probably won't finish. I should have prepared better for this competition... Nah.

Game Screenshot

Update: T + 12.5h

The model is now displaying and I have mouse input. I also have keyboard input (using DirectInput), but it's currently disabled so that I can still take screenshots.

I also had a bug that I 'fixed' by moving some code out of the function where an error was occuring. I have no idea what was causing it (invalid stack?, bad pointer?, compiler bug?) and I hope it doesn't come back.
Game Screenshot

Update: T + 8.5h

So, my program to convert .x files (exported from Blender) to My Custom Format is incompatible with the version of Blender that I have. (That'll teach me to upgrade!) Well I managed to hack around the .x files a bit to make them compatible, and then I tried loading the models into the game:
Game Screenshot

Update: T + 6.5h

Well I finally have a screenshot to show:
Game Screenshot

Update: T + 0h

And the theme is: Magnets

Damn, I wanted Farming...

Update: T - 6.5h

Testing the DevLog.