Robot Battle: 1995


Download — Requires Windows (XP or higher) and DirectX 9


This game was made for the 72 Hour GDC in November 2006 (the theme was Magnets). It is a simple real-time strategy game, but I spent most of my time getting the 3D models to work and didn't have much time to polish it up, so the game is very simple to beat and doesn't have much replay value. The objective of the game is to build an army and use it to destroy the enemies robots.

There are 3 types of units: Robots, EMP balls and Cannons. Robots can attack other robots and cannons. They move randomly, but they can be influenced by placing different types of ‘control balls’ on the map. The closer a robot is to a control ball, the more likely it will be to move in that direction.

EMP balls will periodically release an EMP blast that will destroy any nearby enemy robots. They must be built next to your factory, other EMP balls or cannons.

Cannons will destroy the enemy's EMP balls from long range. Like EMP balls, they must be built next to your factory, EMP balls or cannons.

The robots can also cut down the trees on the map to generate energy, which is used to build new units.

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